Cooking for Engineers tests the Baker’s Edge Pan

Baker's Edge

The Baker’s Edge is a baking pan with a single, narrow compartment, designed to maximize the ratio of edge to interior, so that brownies and other bar cookies cook more uniformly than they would in a regular pan. Most of the people to whom I showed this pan at first did not get the point of it. They thought it should work great if you are someone who likes crispy, chewy edges on your brownies, but not so well if you were into soft, undercooked (or at least not browned) center bars. Not so fast, smart guy; this might look like an “all edge” pan, but all edge quickly becomes “all center” if you take the pan out before it starts to brown.

I don’t own one of these myself, but I did give two of them as gifts this past Xmas. I haven’t yet heard back from either of my giftees about how they like the pan, but fellow kitchen scientologists at Cooking For Engineers put it to the test recently, and they gave it high marks, especially for edge lovers:

Each of the brownies from the Baker’s Edge did indeed have chewy edges – two of them (and sometimes three) in fact. It was almost like every piece was a corner piece from the standard pan. Therein laid a problem I hadn’t considered. I had tasters that liked brownies with edges and tasters that liked brownies that didn’t have any chewy edges but were soft and moist throughout. With the regular pan, I had corner pieces, edge pieces, and center pieces (although there are always more than four people who want corner pieces and not enough edge pieces). For the edge lovers, the brownies from the Baker’s Edge were perfect – chewy edges surrounding a moist chocolate brownie. For the center lovers, the brownies were good, but they much preferred the texture of the brownies from the 9×13 pan.

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One response to “Cooking for Engineers tests the Baker’s Edge Pan

  1. anoush and dicran

    As for one of the recipients of the Baker’s Edge Pan, we would say that you need to be careful not to overcook, or all you end up with is crusty crusts. Personally, I prefer the middle, so this is not the best pan for moi! But Dicran does love the edges, so we will alternate pans for brownies, etc.

    Certainly worth the try.

    A and D