Hanging up my peel.

Some of the (3) readers of this blog may know that I’m thinking about starting a pizza restaurant, and that part of what I plan to document here are my attempts to perfect my recipes toward that end. It now appears that my grand plan to provide superlative pies to my neighborhood has been a total waste of time, and I need to hang up my apron and peel:


Wonder Pizza of Italy will place America ‘s most popular food source in places never before available.

The innovative machine holds, cooks and serves 9” whole pizza pies in just 2 minutes. There are 3 different pizzas available in each machine at one time. Delicious Connie’s Pizza of Chicago is featured in all WonderPizza Kiosks. 5 years and 6 million dollars of R&D went into this design and subsequent manufacture of WONDERPIZZA of Italy and the product is now beginning worldwide distribution.

WONDERPIZZA of Italy will place America’s most popular food source in places heretofore unavailable.

It is an appealing, convenient, hot, nutritious, tasty pizza delivered in approximately two minutes.


Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted.


One response to “Hanging up my peel.

  1. I think our reaction at Chew On That blog was, aww hell naw. Just stumbled across your blog. Hope you keep your pizza-joint dream!